Maple Leaf Schools - Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

Maple Leaf School - Thompson Rivers University (MLS-TRU) is our first school in Canada. Located in the newly expanded Old Main building on Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, this learning environment offers students an English immersion environment on campus.

Students complete the BC graduation program curriculum preparing them for further studies in universities around the world. MLS-TRU offers the high school program at grades 10 to 12 with approximately 25 students per class. Focusing on academic achievement, MLS-TRU students benefit from an English language immersion experience and to enroll in Mandarin language and social studies classes giving them an academic advantage in their post-secondary applications.

Our University Partner - Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has been providing educational excellence in Canada for over 45 years. TRU is an ideal university location, situated on 250 acres, with leading edge learning spaces on campus and within walking distance to the cities' commercial and residential districts.

The university has over 13,433 students on campus with 2,983 international students from around the world (29.7% Chinese). TRU offers a diverse learning experience for all - making it a great campus for students to grow and develop their understanding of other cultures.

Our Location in Canada

Kamloops offers a beautiful and natural location in a safe, vibrant, small Canadian city. The city is famous for its focus on active outdoor recreational opportunities, clean air, starry nights and a world class university that attracts students from around the world. Kamloops boasts world class indoor and outdoor sporting facilities and lots of nearby skiing, hiking and water-sports.

Kamloops is easily accessible by air from Vancouver with multiple flights daily:

  • Vancouver - 45 minutes

From Vancouver’s major international hub there are daily flights to and from:

  • Toronto - 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Los Angeles - 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Beijing - 11 hours 30 minutes
  • Seoul - 11 hours
  • Tokyo - 10 hours

Kamloops is located in a semi-arid climate zone with dry warm summers and crisp cool winters and more sunshine and less rain than elsewhere in BC. There are four distinct seasons each with its own beauty. Average monthly temperatures range from 0C to -5C in winter to 25C to 30C in summer.

Our School Advantages

  • Small classes, great teachers, excellent curriculum.
  • Outdoor adventure activities throughout the year included as part of the school program.
  • Dynamic, supervised evening self-study program.
  • Academic advising and university application assistance.
  • Dormitory living with private bedrooms in a quad suite.
  • Beautiful campus and access to the university’s state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Opportunities for advanced dual credit courses with the university.
  • Optional trips organized to major university campuses in Canada.

Blake Defieux, Principal of MLS-TRU

Our Principal, Mr. Blake Defieux, worked in China with Maple Leaf Educational Systems for 15 years. Our Principal, Mr. Blake Defieux, worked in China with Maple Leaf Educational Systems for 15 years as a teacher, vice principal and principal before coming to MLS-TRU and the founding prinicipal. He has a BA in Geography and a Bachelor's degree and Master’s degree in Education from the University of British Columbia.

Principal’s Welcome Message

I am pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you to Maple Leaf School - TRU in Kamloops, British Columbia. Since its inaugural school year in 2016-17, Maple Leaf School - TRU has grown quickly into a program our students, their parents and our staff are very proud of. At Maple Leaf School - TRU we have a great team of educational professionals with many years of experience in Maple Leaf schools.

Maple Leaf School - TRU offers the British Columbia Graduation Program to international and local students. Being located on the expansive and welcoming campus of Thompson Rivers University allows our students access to world class educational facilities. Our excellent facilities and location help to ensure student success and safety.

In our school community we strive for superior academic achievement and we strive to develop social responsibility and positive values in our students. We believe that the values of respect, responsibility, honesty and hard work are fundamental to a healthy school community.

The community and surrounding area have much to offer our students. Outdoor activities abound: skiing, fishing, hiking, running and biking are all central to the lifestyle in Kamloops. The Tournament Capital Centre, right next our classrooms, is world-class sports centre with an Olympic size pool, indoor basketball courts, running track, exercise training rooms and gymnastics facilities. Our students are never lacking things to do during the school-day, after school and on weekends.

I look forward to meeting and working with all parents and extend a warm invitation for parents to visit our school in Kamloops.

Principal’s Message to Graduates 2018

MLS-TRU Teachers and Support Team

At MLS-TRU all of our teachers are BC certified and have experience teaching in international school settings. They use best practices to promote academic success with all students. Our support team provides career and personal counseling to students and maintain regular contact with parents - we have Mandarin speaking staff on-site and provide support in other languages with assistance from the university.

MLS-TRU Admission Requirements

Students are admitted in grades 10, 11 and 12 based on their previous grade completion, academic and English readiness and a strong commitment to their studies.

Application Package: 2019/2020

*The Application Package includes the Application and Admission Process, Fees Schedules and Refund Policy and Application Form

Application completion steps:

  1. Print the Application Package and answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.
  2. Sign the document - the applicant and both parents or guardians must sign.
  3. Scan and email to or
    mail to Suite 1210 1130 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6E 4A4
  4. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $300.00 CAD by cheque written to 
Maple Leaf Education North America Ltd.


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