Quick Facts

91 schools in 3 Regional Districts: China, North America and Asia-Pacific

Bilingual, Dual Diploma Program

More than 14,000 Maple Leaf hign school graduates have studied in more than 600 universities in more than 30 countries.


Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Code: 1317)

1 school with 14 students in 1995 to 91 schools with 36,500+ students today (October 2018)

Largest K-12 private school and international school in China


27 Pre-Schools; 24 Elementary Schools; 23 Middle Schools (Chinese with English)

3 Foreign Nationals Schools and 14 high schools (English with Chinese)

400+ BC (Canada) certified teachers; 180+ international ESL teachers; and 2,000+ Chinese-certified teachers


Founded by Dr. Sherman Jen in 1995

First and largest of British Columbia (Canada)’s certified offshore schools

95% of graduates go to international universities: over 50% to the world’s top 100 universities


Bilingual and bi-cultural educational programs

Accredited by China, British Columbia (Canada) and AdvancED (USA)

Pre-K through Grade 12