University Tours

MLENA welcomes over 1300 students each year as participants in our summer and winter programs. Of these about 800 participate in our customized university tours in Canada.

Students travel by plane and air conditioned coaches, staying in hotels and university residences across Canada experiencing the breadth of the Canadian landscape and visiting selected Canadian universities. Each group of approximately 45 students is accompanied by our tour guides and escort teachers to ensure safety and engaging travels. On these tours students visit some of Canada’s major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Victoria, our most remarkable natural landmarks including Niagara Falls and the Columbia Ice Fields, and of course get in plenty of time for shopping.

The university visits include hosted campus tours, presentations by university representatives and often a chance to visit the bookstore and have lunch in the cafeteria. The universities visited vary from group to group but typically include a minimum of ten campuses including University of McGill, University of Toronto, Waterloo University, Western University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Simon Fraser University, University of BC and University of Victoria.

In past years, we have offered university tours to selected US campuses and as interest continues to grow in these locations we will once again add these locations to our tour options.