International Student Application

All of the schools in the Maple Leaf Educational System accept enrollment of international students. For information about international admissions at any of our schools, please contact ourĀ International Marketing Manager.


Initial Consultation

Initial consultation in person, by phone (400-6556877) or email (


Submit Application

Submit completed application along with:

  • copy of student’s passport
  • 2 passport sized photos
  • $100 USD non-refundable application fee


Application Evaluation

Students from NON-English speaking academic background

Write an entrance examination:

  • 2 hours in length
  • English and Math will be tested

Students from English speaking academic background

Details of academic history evaluated by BC Program Principal, or designate. Please provide:

  • Official transcripts from previous schools
  • An interview may be required



For Elementary and Middle Schools:

If student is admissible, based on evaluations and/or testing:

  • Student is admitted to appropriate grade level
  • Payment of tuition fees required
  • Student Information package provided

For BC High Schools:

If student is admissible, based on academic evaluation and ESL assessment:

  • Student is admitted to either:
    • Foundations Program
    • Bridging Program
    • Full Academic Grade 10 Program*
  • Payment of tuition fees is required
  • Student information package is provided

*Admission to BC Full Grade 10 requires BC Principal assessment/approval


Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for the 2013/14 academic year can be viewed here.


Begin Classes

Application Deadlines

Fall semester: August 22 OR Spring semester: February 27


International student applicants are encouraged to contact with any inquiries.

Chinese student applicants (those holding PR China passports) are encouraged to contact with any inquiries.