Annual Recruitment Fair

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Every year, beginning the third weekend of November, Maple Leaf Educational Systems hosts a Student Recruitment Fair. We selectively invite 60 post-secondary institutions to tour our campuses in China and meet face to face with our students and their parents. The schools we invite are varied, including some of the world’s top ranked large research universities, some of the best small and medium sized undergraduate universities and colleges, and a number of world-renowned specialty institutions in the arts, technologies and hospitality. The fair is held after our grade 12 students have received their first official BC Ministry of Education interim transcript so they can show their current academic results to the university and college representatives and receive a clear assessment of their admission opportunities. Several of the universities and college accept student applications at this event and some offer on-site admissions to qualified students. Grade 10 and 11 students are encouraged to visit the fairs to start planning for their post-secondary pathways and to better understand the university prerequisites for program admission. This is an excellent opportunity for higher education representatives to begin a conversation with students who are in the early stages of identifying their college or university of choice.


The fair opens with a Welcome Banquet for representatives and guests held on the third Friday in November of each year.

Maple Leaf International Schools operate as a system and it is important that students in all of our schools have an equal opportunity to meet with university and college representatives, whether in a new school of 300 or an established school of 3000. For participation in our fairs, preferential registration is given to institutions committing to attend all campus stops on the fair schedule.

2016 Fair Schedule

Note: each location will allow a period prior to the fair for set up and will host a brief opening ceremony. Lunch is provided on-site.

The Annual Recruitment Fair schedule may change due to flight availability or other considerations. This schedule is intended to give an idea of the model.

Interested in attending? Contact Rita Huang for information.

Shipping Materials

Please ensure you choose a brokerage or courier company that is familiar with shipping fair materials to China.

Ensure you DO NOT indicate a value on your materials – these materials are for advertisement purposes only, and have no re-sale value. If you put a value on your materials, you will increase the chances of having your materials held at customs with a duty payment required. Please be advised that Maple Leaf cannot act as a broker on your behalf at the receiving end.

It is important to ship your boxes well in advance of the fair dates. Your carrier should have a working knowledge of how long it typically takes for materials to arrive and clear customs in China.

Bring copies of your shipping documents with you.

Bring contact information for your carrier with you, in case of lost or missing documents.

Bring a supply of materials in your luggage, to have on hand in cases where your materials have not arrived as planned.