Maple Leaf’s BC high school program

Maple Leaf International Schools’ high school program mirrors the high school curriculum offered in British Columbia, Canada. Through an agreement with the British Columbia Ministry of Education, supported by an accreditation process, which includes annual inspections, Maple Leaf International Schools offer the offshore BC high school diploma program.

The Superintendent, BC Program, supervises the program system-wide to ensure compliance at each school. At each Maple Leaf international high school the BC Program is led by an experienced BC principal, with a full staff of highly qualified Canadian teachers. All Canadian academic teachers and administrators are BC certified educators with verified credentials.

The BC Ministry of Education mandates the curriculum content, which provides the same foundation skills as are delivered students in schools in British Columbia. Maple Leaf students write the same electronic provincial examinations as those students studying in BC. These exams are written in our schools under careful and strict invigilation conditions. Provincial exams marked in BC in accordance with the Ministry of Education criteria. This ensures all results are unbiased and graded to the same standard.

At the high school level all courses that meet the credit requirements of the BC Graduation Program are fully taught in English. The BC Graduation Program policy and requirements can be view on the Ministry website.

Maple Leaf has created a uniquely designed program delivery model that introduces a western teaching model to our students. We incorporate best practices in learning including active learning, cooperative learning, and critical thinking. We understand that most of our students are new to English-only classrooms and western methods of teaching, including personal responsibility for meeting learning outcomes. Integrated language learning is a component of the Maple Leaf classroom experience, preparing students with the skills and academic proficiency required for success in North American colleges and universities.

Opportunities for students to develop language fluency and oral communication are a part of every course. Maple Leaf students graduate with the skills that making them ideal global candidates for top-level college and universities worldwide.

The length of the program will depend on the level of academic English a student has when entering the program. Maple Leaf offers 2 preparatory ESL levels. For more information about our preparatory ESL, please visit here.

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 80 credits of required and elective courses with a minimum 50% pass score in each course to earn credit and successfully graduate with the British Columbia Dogwood high school diploma.

Each course is worth 4 credits, and you must achieve 50% to pass a course and earn the credits.

Maple Leaf International Schools use the BC Ministry of Education grading scale:

Letter Grade A B C+ C C- F
Percentage 86-100 73-85 67-72 60-66 50-59 0-49

The successful completion of a course numbered 10, 11 or 12 requires a minimum of a C- grade.

At a Glance

Required Courses*
Subject Area Credits
Planning 10 4
English 10 (provincial exam)* 4
English 11 or Communications 11 4
English 12 or Communications 12 (provincial exam)* 4
Mathematics 10 (provincial exam)* 4
Mathematics 11 4
Art/Music/Drama 10 (2 credits) and IT 10 Applied Skills (2 credits) 4
Social Studies 10 4
Social Studies 11 (provincial exam)* 4
Science 10 (provincial exam)* 4
A Science 11 course (choose from Chemistry, Biology, or Physics 11) 4
Physical Education 10 4

*The required BC Provincial Exam must be successfully passed before the next level course can be taken. Students who do not pass the provincial exam must enroll in the course again.

Elective Courses*
Subject Area Credits
Students must earn at least 28 elective credits from Grade 10-12 courses. 28

*There is a wide selection of elective classes available, and students should choose courses which best fit with their personal academic interests and goals. Electives will typically be used to meet specific admission requirements into their post-secondary program of study or as prerequisites for first year university courses. Academic Counselors and Grad Officers guide students in making the best choices in their elective classes.

Graduation Transitions*
Subject Area Credits
Grad Transitions is a course designed to prepare students
for post-secondary studies.

Graduation Transitions provides opportunities for students to reflect on the knowledge and skills gained during the BC high school program, and plan for success in post-secondary studies.

Total Overall Credits for BC Program
A. Required Courses = 48
B. Elective Courses = 28
C. Graduation Transitions = 4
TOTAL = 80 = Minimum required for BC Graduation and entry to University/College

Successful completion of the BC Graduation Diploma provides access to many university and college programs in BC, Canada, the United States and elsewhere worldwide. The more credits a student has completed, including program specific course requirements, and the better the grades, the greater the student’s chance of admission to a top university. Most top-level students will have completed over 100 course credits with grades above 80%.