Teacher Recruitment Agents

To assist us in hiring qualified BC certified and ESL teachers we work with a team of recruitment agents from a number of regions across Canada and worldwide. Maple Leaf Teacher Recruitment Agents all work in close contact with the Teacher Recruitment Manager and our Vancouver office.

For Academic Positions:

Don McCahill – Recruitment Manager – All Regions

Email: don.mccahill@mapleleafschools.com

Darrell Goss – BC and Western Canada

Email: darrell.goss@mapleleafschools.com

Les Dukowski- BC and Western Canada

Email: les.dukowski@mapleleafschools.com

Sylvia Bell – Ontario

Email: sylviabell@mapleleafschools.com

Elaine Maxwell – Ontario

Email: elaine@mapleleafschools.com

Archie MacEachern – Eastern Canada

Email: archie@mapleleafschools.com

For ESL Positions:

Dawn Sutherland – MLENA President – All Regions

Email: dawn.sutherland@mapleleafschools.com

Mary Gibbons – All Regions

Email: mary.gibbons@mapleleafschools.com

Ian Neville Rolfe – South Africa

Email: inr1902@hotmail.com