Pre-departure orientation - Vancouver and Toronto

An orientation meeting is provided in late July/early August in Vancouver and Toronto for newly hired teachers who wish to attend. This meeting provides an opportunity to meet other new teachers, gather information and ask questions. Some of the topics covered are:

It is recommended that you bring approximately 3000 RMB (www.xe.com) in cash with you when you arrive at your School. Shopping trips are planned and some banks and stores in China do not accept international credit or bank cards. The first salary payment is September 15.

Teachers are also advised to bring a small amount of US currency and Japanese currency if your flight involves an overnight stay in Tokyo/Narita.

In-China Orientations

Each school will provide orientation sessions that will likely include

For teachers arriving in the middle of a semester the principal will provide orientation informationp and the teachers help you settle in and learn to navigate your new surroundings.