Welcome International Students!

Maple Leaf International Schools all welcome international students, whether into our Chinese program or our BC program, we offer a full range of options.

Maple Leaf’s original mission was to provide a blend of the best of Chinese and North American educational practices, to prepare Chinese students for success in post-secondary studies outside of China. As China’s expansion brought increased numbers of foreign workers, the desire for international academic options, blending North American curriculum with Mandarin language immersion, began to emerge.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems has created an academic model that educates students from preschool to high school graduation, focusing on maintaining the high standards of a Canadian education while providing intensive language study tailored to the student’s individual need. Native English speaking students will develop a comprehensive knowledge of Mandarin and Chinese culture, while native Mandarin speakers will immerse themselves in an all-English academic environment, fully prepared for the challenges of higher education in an English speaking country. Students from other countries have the unique opportunity to develop near-native fluency in both Mandarin and English, gaining an invaluable international perspective.

We offer a full immersion Chinese program at our elementary and middle schools; a full BC certified curriculum from Kindergarten to grade 9 in our Foreign Nationals Schools; and the dual Chinese and BC high school graduation program, grades 10 – 12, in our high schools.

Maple Leaf campuses have up to 21 different countries represented within the student population. Increased diversity at a Maple Leaf school benefits the entire school community, promoting global-mindedness, increasing tolerance, and preparing students to go out into the world with a renewed respect for cultures and differences.

Maple Leaf international students receive the support of an international student centre, with specially trained International Student Advisors assigned to monitor both their academic and personal progress. The international student body participates in school wide activities, but also stays connected through monthly meetings and specialized activities, planned and executed by an International Student Council.

Parents and students interested in learning more about our schools can contact our International Student Services Manager.

For fee details please see international fees for admissions details please see international admissions.

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