Our Services

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is more than just a school. We are an inclusive system of academic, extra-curricular, and outreach programs, designed to work together to provide all Maple Leaf students with access to a diverse range of experiences, encouraging networking, character development and cultural exploration.

To encourage and support the success of our students, as well as our innovative English intensive dual-diploma program, Maple Leaf Educational Services has put in place numerous support services.

These include:

Transcripts & Verification — View this link to find out more about Maple Leaf official transcripts, the new measures taken to ensure transcript integrity and methods for universities, colleges or employers to verify completed coursework, and final grades.

Recruitment Fair — View this link to find out more the annual Recruitment Fair, including locations, schedules, photos of previous events, and how you can participate.

Programs & Partnerships — View this link to find out what sort of partnerships Maple Leaf is currently involved in, and how your organization can collaborate with us.

Boarding — View this link to learn more about the boarding school model available at all Maple Leaf schools.

Summer/Winter Camps — View this link to find out more about the summer and winter camp program. Check back often as we update this page with information about specific camp offerings and photos of student camp experiences.

Graduation Centre — View this link to find out about the services offered in our Graduation Centre, and how Maple Leaf Graduation Consultants work one on one to support the success of our students.

Academic Advising — View this link to learn more about the BC certified Academic Advisors, and the role they play in guiding Maple Leaf students to success in their BC program, preparing them for higher education and beyond.