Our Programs

Maple Leaf Educational Systems has created a very unique academic opportunity that brings the benefits of studying in Canada without needing to leave China. By working closely with both the Chinese and BC (British Columbia, Canada) governmental organizations, Maple Leaf has created the only dual diploma program available across China. Accredited and lauded by both governments, Maple Leaf is changing the academic landscape across international education. Students are prepared for admission to western colleges and universities while maintaining close bonds to family and Chinese culture.

Maple Leaf students have the distinct advantage of being able to complete both a Chinese high school diploma, and a Canadian high school diploma, simultaneously.

To support this endeavor, Maple Leaf offers a variety of programs, in a variety of academic settings, allowing students at any age to enter into the Maple Leaf educational system. From pre-school to high school graduation, and at every stage in between, Maple Leaf students are gaining fluency in Mandarin and English through exposure to a diverse student community, clear learning objectives, and the best of both Eastern and Western educational philosophies and practice.