Maple Leaf News

2017 Memorable Graduation Ceremonies

In early June, the 7 high schools of Maple Leaf Educational Systems with grade 12 classes held their graduation ceremonies. Maple Leaf Education’s Founder & Board Chair, Dr. Sherman Jen, and other leaders of Maple Leaf personally visited the schools to attend their graduation ceremonies. They were joined at these memorable events by local government officials, teachers and parents of the graduates. The ceremonies drew significant media attention. China Youth Net, a national level media outlet, conducted a special interview with Dr. Sherman Jen and reported on the graduation ceremony of Maple Leaf Dalian.

The 19th cohort of Maple Leaf International Schools’ grade 12 graduates totaled 1,807. As of June 1, 2017, Maple Leaf graduates had received 5,463 offers from western and Chinese post-secondary education institutions. In addition, graduates had received scholarship offers equivalent to almost 6 million RMB. The graduates’ rate of acceptance into the Top 100 Ranking Institutions for Maple Leaf Students exceeded 50%. Among these, 46 graduates received offers from some of the world’s top 10 institutions, including Imperial College of Technology, UK, and University College of London. Some graduates were also accepted by renowned universities in China, including Tsinghua University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Maple Leaf International High Schools have now graduated nearly 12,000 grade 12 students in the past 19 years. These graduates have been enrolled in over 600 universities and higher education institutions in more 30 countries.

Maple Leaf has once again demonstrated how it is successfully meeting its mission of blending the best of East and West in education, and opening a world of opportunity for its graduates!

Maple Leaf Recommended for AdvancED Systems Accreditation

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems successfully completed an on-site accreditation review for AdvancED Systems Accreditation on May 22-24, 2017 at its Head Offices in Dalian, China. AdvancED is recommending to its Accreditation Commission on June 21, 2017 that CMLES be granted AdvancED Systems Accreditation status for a term of five years. As a result, Maple Leaf Educational Systems (our corporation and all high schools) will be accredited. The recognition of AdvancED Systems Accreditation will greatly support any new high school programs to be opened by Maple Leaf in China and around the world with a status of accreditation.

AdvancED is USA based and is the largest education accrediting body in the world, accrediting more than 32,000 schools involving more than 20 million students in many countries.

Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Global Education, James Beeke, noted “AdvancED’s Systems Accreditation will enable Maple Leaf to advertise that the new high schools it opens are accredited by AdvancED, a highly respected school accrediting agency in the USA and around the world. Maple Leaf sincerely appreciated the professionalism and experience of the AdvancED inspection team members and the quality of discussions that were held. In addition to the many complimentary observations noted by the AdvancED review team, the process focuses on continuous improvement.This is a real value of Maple Leaf engaging in the AdvancED accreditation process. The process identifies strengths as well as areas to strengthen to make Maple Leaf Educational Systems and its schools even stronger. These areas will be addressed as priorities in our next years’ Systems Improvement Plans.”

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems and
the University of South Australia to open a Bilingual School

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of South Australia to explore opening an English-Chinese (Mandarin) bilingual school in collaboration with the University of South Australia, within the University’s Magill campus Education precinct.

The School will be the first high school in Adelaide established by a Chinese education group and will offer a bilingual English-Chinese curriculum for senior high school students in grades 10-12 and be accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

Chairman and Chief Executive of Maple Leaf, Dr Sherman Jen, says China Maple Leaf is delighted to be opening its first high school in Australia at the University of South Australia.

“Maple Leaf schools will graduate more than 1,500 students in June 2017 and over 2,500 in June 2018,” Dr Jen says.

“An increasing number of our students are choosing Australian universities for their higher education and being one of the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years old, the University of South Australia is an excellent partner for us.

“We admire their high educational standards, their internationalism, and their pioneering spirit.”

University of South Australia Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd says UniSA is pleased to welcome China Maple Leaf Educational Systems as partners in the Magill Education precinct.

“Maple Leaf’s network of more than 60 schools will provide broad opportunities for our Education students such as classroom observation, research, practicum experience, and in future international work opportunities for our Bachelor of Education graduates,” Professor Lloyd said.

“This Maple Leaf University School will provide first-hand experience for the students of UniSA to observe a bilingual school, opening up new opportunities to analyse these programs and to be pioneers in the study of bilingual education.

“We look forward to more applications to study at UniSA from among Maple Leaf’s students and to an increased profile for UniSA in China, raising awareness of our young university in the world’s largest country for international students.”

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited opened its first school in 1995 and has grown to become the largest operator of international schools in China, with over 26,000 students in 15 cities in China.

The School is expected to open in 2018 with 75 students.

Successful 12th Annual Maple Leaf Student Recruitment Fair

The 12th Maple Leaf International Student Recruitment Fair opened at Maple Leaf International School - Dalian on November 18, 2016. Eighty-five post-secondary institutions from ten countries attended the Fairs at Maple Leaf high schools in Dalian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Luoyang, Zhenjiang and Shanghai November 19-28.

This year more countries and territories were represented than ever before. Among the 85 participating institutions from 10 countries including Canada and the USA, 19 are listed in the Top 100 Highest Ranking Institutions for Maple Leaf Students, and 39 offer exclusive scholarships for Maple Leaf graduates.

During a news conference held in Dalian, Vice President & Superintendent of British Columbia Programs, Bob Gardner, spoke about all the Maple Leaf high schools with full grade 10-12 programs attaining AdvancED Accreditation this past (2015-16) school year. This accreditation will profile MLES graduates with even more post-secondary institutions around the world, especially in the USA.

Maple Leaf Founder and Chair of Board, Dr. Sherman Jen announced that Maple Leaf and Kwantlen Polytechnic University of British Columbia Canada signed a Memorandum of Understanding to open a Maple Leaf University School on the campus of KPU in Richmond, BC, September 2017. Further development of university schools around the world is part of Maple Leaf’s global development growth strategy. Dr. Sherman Jen also ststed that Paragon Testing Enterprises, a UBC company and owner of the Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment Test, signed an MOU with MLES to explore the opportunity possibility of establishing CAEL test centers at a number of Maple Leaf high school campuses.

One of the parents attending the Student Recruitment Fair commented, “At this Maple Leaf Student Recruitment Fair, I saw representatives from a lot of the world’s top universities. But what surprised me even more was that there are so many different types of foreign higher education institutions, which broadened my vision and understanding, and made me more confident about choosing an appropriate university program for my child.”

One of the post-secondary representatives stated, “Maple Leaf students’ BC transcripts are recognized around the world, and Maple Leaf’s student assessment criteria are authentic and reliable. Maple Leaf students have a good command of English and Chinese, have been exposed to both oriental and western styles of thinking and education, and have excellent portfolios with a range of volunteer and service-related activities. As a result, we recruit excellent students at the Maple Leaf Fairs and are able to issue admission offers to students on spot. Maple Leaf International Schools have become a steady and reliable source of excellent student applicants for us and many other quality universities.”

Maple Leaf University School planned for Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Richmond, BC Campus

On the eve of the 12th Annual MLES Recruitment Fair on November 18, 2016, in Dalian, China, Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Maple Leaf Education North America signed a significant MOU with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond, BC.

Our special guests from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Dr. Alan Davis, President, Mr. Stuart McIlmoyle, Associate Vice President International, along with Ms. Ann Yuan and Ms. Isabel Chan travelled from Canada to sign this very significant memorandum of understanding and to visit Maple Leaf schools for the first time.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, or KPU, has a history not unlike the history of Maple Leaf. It started as a small college in one location in and has grown throughout the BC lower mainland becoming one of the larger universities in Canada measured by student population and by the number and size of its campuses. Like Maple Leaf, KPU is a success story.

In September of this year Maple Leaf Education North America opened the first Maple Leaf school outside of China, Maple Leaf University School – TRU on the campus of Thompson Rivers University located in central BC. This not only established our first global presence, but also established our model of a university preparatory high school located on a university campus. We believe this to be a winning educational model for our students and for the university.

With the announcement of this first school MLENA also indicated our intent to open additional university schools in coming years and KPU was quick to respond to this opportunity. The signing of this MOU establishes our plan enter into detailed negotiations, aiming to open MLUS-KPU, in September 2017, located on the Richmond Campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University Campus.

With this school opening we will have two options for our highly motivated university oriented students, one in a smaller, rural location and one in a large metropolitan city, both on exceptional university campuses that offer our students access to a very unique educational experience.

Maple Leaf Agreement with Paragon: Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) Initiatives

Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Maple Leaf Education North America signed a significant MOU with Paragon Testing Enterprises in Vancouver, BC on the eve of the 12th Annual MLES Recruitment Fair on November 18, 2016, in Dalian, China. Another exciting steps in Maple Leaf’s continued international growth.

Also joining us from Canada and visiting MLES for the first time, from Paragon Testing Enterprises, located in Vancouver BC, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Donald Wehrung, President and CEO, Ms. Alice Ang and Ms. Betty Chan Managers, and Ms. Swan Zhou representing Paragon in China.

Paragon Testing Enterprises acquired the Canadian Academic English Language Assessment, the CAEL assessment, less than two years ago and has worked since this acquisition to revise and update CAEL and among other innovations to introduce a computerized test version and to expand the delivery of the CAEL globally, starting in China. For Maple Leaf, well established in China and expanding globally starting in Canada, the interest in working with Paragon comes from a number of perspectives, but specifically our schools have a long and strong connection with Canada and more that 70% of our graduates choose Canadian universities and colleges for their post secondary studies, so a Canadian branded assessment has a great appeal, and Maple Leaf is near the completion of its own Maple Leaf Global Curriculum at the high school level with a strong emphasis on integrating academic English language learning throughout the curriculum.

Maple Leaf had previously providing CAEL test preparation and CAEL assessments when the assessment was under the ownership of Carleton University and had an interest to continue this association. With the ownership now located in British Columbia and expansion into China, Maple Leaf has renewed its interest to work with Paragon.

This Memorandum of Understanding sets the stage for Maple Leaf and Paragon to enter into more serious discussions about future educational alliances and business partnerships.

Prime Minister Trudeau Congratulates Maple Leaf

On September 1, 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was present at the 38th annual conference of the Canada China Business Council. He met the founder and Chair of the Board of Maple Leaf, Dr. Sherman Jen and the former Canadian Ambassador to China, Mr. Howard Balloch, who is a director on the Maple Leaf Board. Prime Minister Trudeau praised the outstanding contributions that have been made by Dr. Jen and Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Dr. Jen’s contributions were acknowledged as significantly contributing to the friendship between Canada and China as well as the advancement of international education.

Maple Leaf’s First Canadian School Officially Opens

On September 29th Maple Leaf Education North America, the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems proudly celebrated the official opening of its first Canadian high school, Maple Leaf University School – TRU. The school is located in Kamloops, British Columbia on the campus of Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and marks a unique collaboration between Maple Leaf and its longtime partner TRU.

“This is a very proud moment for Maple Leaf as we come full circle and open our first school in Canada, in Kamloops and with TRU, one of our very earliest university partners,” said Dawn Sutherland, President, Maple Leaf Education North America.

“This collaboration is an example of Maple Leaf’s and TRU’s visionary approach to global education. It will build relationships between the people of China and Canada,” said Alan Shaver, TRU President and Vice-Chancellor.

The school will operate as a Group 4 BC Independent School leasing space and services from the university. MLUS-TRU principal, Blake Defieux, and the teaching team have all previously worked at Maple Leaf schools in China and are well qualified to introduce the Maple Leaf model of education in Canada. The school program blends the best of Chinese and Canadian educational practice as students complete requirements towards both BC and Chinese high school diplomas.

Dr. Sherman Jen, Chairman and Founder of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems explains the importance of this educational model, “There are more than one million Chinese families in Canada and Maple Leaf’s blended program will provide them with opportunities to learn their native language and culture along with the BC program, and to develop their skills and abilities to enhance future collaboration between Canada and China in education, culture, business and many other areas.”

The students and their parents are attracted by TRU’s university village concept and the strong commitment to internationalization evident on the campus. Students and teachers have been warmly welcomed on campus and in the Kamloops community.

“This unique partnership is strengthening the educational bonds between China and British Columbia. The value of international education goes well beyond the more than $300 million that international students contribute to British Columbia’s economy. The true value of this partnership lies in the cultural connections students make with one another and the exposure to new places, new friends and new ideas,” said Mike Bernier, Minister of Education.

Ms. Fan Appointed as Chief Legal Officer

With pleasure we announce that Ms. Guijie Fan has been appointed to serve as a Vice President and as Chief Legal Officer for China Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Ms. Fan graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology in 1989. She served with both the Beijing Angdao and Beijing Yinke Law Firms before joining Maple Leaf in June 2014. From 2011 to 2014 she provided legal advise to Maple Leaf as a contracted legal advisor.

Since working at CMLES, Ms. Fan has established and directed Maple Leaf’s Legal Affairs Department. In her new role, Ms. Fan will establish and ensure law-based governance structures and operations, intellectual rights (copyright) protection, and direct CMLES’s Human Resources Department.

We wish Ms. Fan every success in her new responsibilities.

James Beeke Appointed Superintendent of Global Education

We are pleased to announce Mr. Beeke’s appointment to a new role as Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Global Education. He served the previous two years as Superintendent of BC Programs in China. Mr. Beeke will oversee educational programs, standards and leadership in new Maple Leaf schools in Canada and other countries.

Mr. Beeke will also continue to serve as:

  • Executive Director/Vice President: China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Board of Directors
  • Liaison: BC Ministry of Education for Maple Leaf Schools
  • Special Advisor to the Chairman
  • Coordinator of special projects as requested by the Chairman or Board, e.g. to currently supervise and coordinate the development of Maple Leaf Student Workbooks to fit international student needs for several high school courses

Mr. Beeke’s previous experience includes:

  • Served 2 years as Deputy Inspector and 7 years as the Inspector of Independent Schools: Ministry of Education—Province of British Columbia, Canada. As Inspector, Mr. Beeke administered the Independent School Act on behalf of the Minister of Education. This position included the inspecting and certifying of more than 350 schools and the issuing of provincial funding to eligible schools. The Inspector also was responsible for such items as the issuance, suspension and revocation of Ministry of Education independent school teacher certificates; provincial home-schooling policies; independent school distributed learning (electronic/distance-delivered) programs; and British Columbia’s offshore school certification program.
  • Served 4 years in the People’s Republic of China as Superintendent of Maple Leaf Schools that deliver British Columbia, Canada — certified K-12 programs.
  • 21 years of experience as a school principal—including both elementary (K-9) and high school (10-12).
  • 25 years of teaching experience in grades 4-12, in public and independent schools.
  • Authored 7 published textbooks for elementary and high school students, and several articles for different periodicals.
  • Written 6 Ministry of Education Reports analyzing six different curricula.
  • Earned Bachelor of Arts (in Education) and Master of Arts (in Educational Administration) degrees from Western Michigan University.
  • Spoken at numerous conventions, conferences and professional development workshops in British Columbia, Canada, USA, China and more.
  • Received several awards including Certificates of Recognition from British Columbia’s Minister of Education, the Education Consul: Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver and the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, China.
  • 5 years of educational consultant work in BC, Ontario, the USA and internationally as President of Signum International Educational Services, Inc.

Bob Gardner Appointed Superintendent of BC Programs: China Schools

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Robert (Bob) Gardner as the Vice-President Maple Leaf Educational Systems, China and Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, commencing August 2016.

Mr. Gardner brings a wealth of previous experience to the position, including: Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Education degree from the University of Alberta

  • 9 years of teaching experience in Alberta
  • 17 years of principal and vice principal experience at both elementary (K-7) and secondary (8-12) levels in British Columbia public schools
  • 5 years of School District Office experience including Director of Education responsible for Human Resources- Teaching Personnel, and serving as Assistant Superintendent
  • Numerous internal and external School Accreditation team experiences and District Review Teams for schools in British Columbia
  • President of Amicus Educational Services Ltd, responsible for delivering services to public schools and educational professionals in British Columbia
  • University of British Columbia – Okanagan: Adjunct Professor
  • Member of the British Columbia Principal’s and Vice Principal’s Association and its planning team for the BCPVPA Short Course as well as serving as a facilitator for the course

Bob also has Maple Leaf experience, having previously served as Principal of Maple Leaf International School - Dalian. He is married to a retired British Columbia elementary teacher/principal and is father of two children and a grandparent of two granddaughters.

Maple Leaf to Open Its First School in Canada

Maple Leaf plans to open its first school in Canada this Fall on Thompson Rivers University (TRU) campus in Kamloops, BC.

TRU’s News Release is posted below:

Kamloops, BC—Maple Leaf Education North America (MLENA), the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems (CMLES), announced plans to open its first Canadian high school in September 2016 in cooperation with TRU, Kamloops.

In a Memorandum of Understanding, signed today, MLENA and TRU confirmed plans allowing the school to start in a designated area on campus with the intent to move to a purpose-built school facility via the university trust in the near future.

“This is a landmark day for TRU as we continue to develop innovative approaches to internationalization,” said TRU President and Vice-Chancellor Alan Shaver. “We have a long-standing relationship with our partners and this is another opportunity for us to create more learning options for students and collaborative research projects for our faculties.”

The first students in the new school will be selected from existing Maple Leaf schools in China, which as part of the BC Global Education Program Offshore Schools, have been delivering the BC curriculum in China for over 20 years. CMLES currently operates eight BC certified high schools throughout China, enrolling more than 7,500 BC registered students. The students selected to come to Maple Leaf University School-TRU will come to Kamloops to continue their BC high school program in Kamloops.

“We are very excited to be taking this first step together with our long-term partners at TRU,” said Dawn Sutherland, President, MLENA, “TRU’s university village concept is a strong attraction to our students and their parents.” In addition to the BC curriculum, MLES students in China take courses from the Chinese high school curriculum and graduate with two diplomas, one from BC and one from the Chinese provincial education authority. Maple Leaf University Schools in Canada will continue this tradition, offering the required Chinese courses within the program offered in Canada. Associate Vice President, International and Chief Executive Officer, TRU World Global Operations Baihua Chadwick said, “This innovative, one-of-a-kind cooperation project will not only benefit TRU’s students and faculty, it will benefit the Kamloops community as a whole. This bilingual and bi-curriculum school can potentially attract professionals and families from other parts of Canada if they wish for their children to receive a dual credential accredited by both the Chinese Ministry of Education and the BC Ministry of Education.”

James Beeke, Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, stated, “This is an exciting first step for the 60 students enrolled, their parents, Maple Leaf, TRU, BC, Canada and China. It is a win-win for all involved. Maple Leaf plans to open more schools across Canada in the future and in other countries as well. Maple Leaf’s plans include becoming the largest high school in the world with high schools in several different countries around the world.”

New Joint Venture Maple Leaf School in Yanching

A joint venture agreement for Maple Leaf International School – Yancheng was officially confirmed by the Yancheng government: Yandu District and Maple Leaf on July 12, 2016. China Maple Leaf Educational Systems founder, chairman and CEO, Dr. Sherman Jen, and Party Vice Secretary and Governor of Yandu District, Yancheng, Wu Benhui, signed on behalf of the agreeing parties.

Several government and education bureau officials were present at the signing ceremony, as well as media representatives. Dr. Sherman Jen announced in his speech that Maple Leaf will launch a new pre-school, elementary school and middle school in Yancheng: Yandu District in 2017. Wu Benhui explained in his speech how a Maple Leaf school in Yancheng is an honor to Yancheng and how it will foster educational reform and public-private partnerships with the private operation of schools within government owned school facilities. Yancheng Education Bureau’s Party Secretary and Director, Yin Yong, expressed his hope and belief that a Maple Leaf School in Yancheng would become a top school in Jiangsu Province and promote educational quality and exciting opportunities for students.

This “government-constructed and Maple Leaf-operated school” is scheduled to open on September 1, 2017.

AdvancEd High School Accreditations

Maple Leaf’s high schools successfully completed the required internal self-assessment work and stakeholder surveys this school year, and have passed their on-site inspections by AdvancEd teams in May and June 2016. All seven Maple Leaf high schools undertaking this process were successful and all were recommended by the on-site inspection teams for full AdvancEd accreditation.

AdvancEd is USA based and is the largest school accrediting body in the world, accrediting more than 32,000 schools involving more than 20 million students in many countries.

Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, James Beeke, stated “Once granted by its Board, AdvancEd will add USA/international accreditation to the BC, Canada certification that Maple Leaf high schools already hold. In addition to the many complimentary observations noted by the AdvancEd inspection teams, the process focuses on continuous improvement. It identifies strengths as well as areas to strengthen to make a good school even better. These areas will be addressed as priorities in the next two years in Maple Leaf Schools’ goals and professional development plans.”

Teacher Excellence Awards

A new annual tradition has been established by the Maple Leaf family of schools. Teachers vote for teachers at their respective schools who most clearly reveal the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates teaching excellence
  • Engages and motivates students
  • Shows dedication and willingness to do extra
  • Radiates a positive influence
  • Reveals consistent professional deportment

Teachers voted in receive a Superintendent’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Up to one such award is issued for every 500 students in a school.

The following BC-certified teachers received Teaching Excellence Awards in June 2016:

  • Lorne Scott (Chongqing)
  • Lauren Sharpe (Chongqing)
  • Carolyn Kooymans (Dalian)
  • Wendy Goodall (Dalian)
  • Devan Grainger (Dalian)
  • Kelli Kramer (Dalian)
  • Antonio Minichilli (Dalian)
  • Erica Chao (Dalian FNS)
  • Jordan Gray (Henan-Luoyang)
  • Laith Saied (Tianjin)
  • Stephen Herr (Tianjin)
  • Thomas Mein (Tianjin)
  • Jason Thadical (Shanghai)
  • Jeanine Went (Wuhan)
  • Nicholas Catangui (Wuhan)
  • Cassie Van Oort (Wuhan)
  • Emerson Mole (Wuhan FNS)
  • Jessica Zhou (Zhenjiang)

Maple Leaf Grade 12 Graduates Accepted Into World’s Top Ranked Universities

More than 55 percent of Maple Leaf's 1,422 grade 12 graduates of 2016 received offers from the world's 100 top ranked universities.

For example, the following indicate the number of admission letters/offers Maple Leaf graduates received from:

  • Top 20 Universities in Canada
  • McGill University - 31
  • University of Toronto - 192
  • University of British Columbia - 115
  • Queen’s University - 125
  • University of Alberta - 397
  • McMaster University - 114
  • Western University - 229
  • Dalhousie University - 4
  • University of Calgary - 54
  • University of Ottawa - 91
  • Simon Fraser University - 24
  • University of Waterloo - 46
  • University of Victoria - 79
  • Carleton University - 65
  • University of Guelph - 25
  • University of New Brunswick - 3
  • Memorial University - 4
  • York University - 238
  • Ryerson University - 5
  • Concordia University - 48
  • Top 10 Universities in Australia
  • Australian National University - 29
  • University of Melbourne - 56
  • University of Sydney - 73
  • University of Queensland - 45
  • University of New South Wales - 9
  • Monash University - 88
  • University of Western Australia - 17
  • University of Adelaide - 13
  • University of Technology Sydney - 22
  • Macquarie University - 47
  • Top 20 Universities in the UK
  • Imperial College of London - 4
  • Durham University - 6
  • University of Warwick - 6
  • University of Exeter - 1
  • University College of London - 9
  • Lancaster University - 8
  • University of Bath - 2
  • Loughborough University - 2
  • University of Leeds - 2
  • University of York - 2
  • University of Southampton - 3
  • University of Birmingham - 3
  • University of East Anglia - 1
  • University of Bristol - 5
  • Top Universities in Other Countries
  • Vanderbilt University - 1
  • University of California - Berkley - 1
  • University of California - Los Angeles - 1
  • Wake Forest University - 2
  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - 1
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong - 4
  • City University of Hong Kong - 3
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University - 6
  • University College Dublin - 1

Dalian Maple Leaf Hosts BC Offshore Schools Conference

Maple Leaf International School - Dalian hosted the BC Offshore Schools Conference on March 23-25, 2016. 36 delegates from 25 offshore schools attended the conference.

Conference speakers included:

  • Jill Kot - Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Education (speaking on behalf of Dave Byng, Deputy Minister, who was out of country)
  • Brenda Neufeld - Director, International Education, BC Ministry of Education
  • Nancy Walt - Director, K-12 Curriculum and Examinations, BC Ministry of Education
  • Jake Johnston - CBIE recommended speaker on cultural adjustments for teachers and students
  • Canadian Embassy in Beijing on issues regarding Canadians living, working and traveling in other countries

The speakers all provided informative presentations and valuable Q/A sessions with the conference delegates. Presentations on a large auditorium screen and live Q/A sessions via Skype worked well and the opportunities to connect with these key people proved valuable for the BC Offshore School representatives.

In addition, opportunities were provided for small and large group discussions on various positives and challenges facing BC offshore schools in different countries and cultures.

First planning steps were made to form a "BC Offshore School Association" that could speak to government with one voice on matters of concern to BC offshore schools.

The social and communication aspects of the conference were enhanced by the luncheons and banquet dinner that were enjoyed by all.

Key Leadership Teams Prepared for Maple Leaf’s Opening of Three New Schools in September

Maple Leaf plans to open three new schools in September 2016, in Xian, Pinghu and Huaian. The six key members of each school’s leadership team, and others, recently completed two weeks of intense training at Maple Leaf’s Head Office in Dalian. Each team has now been sent to its respective school site to work full time in preparation for school opening. We wish each team every success in their important roles!

Six Maple Leaf Students Receive Offers From Some of the Top 10 Ranked Universities in the World

In March 2016, six Maple Leaf grade 12 students received admission offers from some of the top ten ranked universities in the world.

  • Wu Zeqing, from Maple Leaf International School – Tianjin Teda, received offers to enter Biomedical Sciences and Earth Sciences Programs at University College London, as well as an offer to study Geology at Imperial College.
  • Qiao Yu, from Maple Leaf International School – Dalian: Boys’ Campus, received an offer to enrol in Biotechnology at University College London.
  • Li Fangming, from Maple Leaf International School – Dalian: Boys’ Campus, received offers to study Math from both University College London and Imperial College.
  • Guo Chengzhi, from Maple Leaf International School – Dalian: Boys’ Campus, received offers to enter the Biomedical Sciences Program at University College London, as well as an offer to study Bio-Technology at Imperial College.
  • Tang Xiaoying, from Maple Leaf International School – Dalian: Girls’ Campus, received an offer to enrol in the Physics Program at University College London.
  • Gao Ningning, from Maple Leaf International School – Dalian: Girls’ Campus, received an offer to study Math at University College London.

Receive our congratulations and best wishes!

Maple Leaf’s New Appointment

Edward Slade Appointed as President of Maple Leaf - Asia Pacific District

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Co., Ltd. Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Slade as President of Maple Leaf - Asia Pacific District and as a Vice President of Maple Leaf, commencing March 1, 2016. Ed will work out of our Maple Leaf Hong Kong Office and provide leadership in Maple Leaf’s business development and strategies.

Ed, age 49, has 25 years work experience in investment banking. During his career in international investment banking, he provided advice to several educational groups on their capital markets, mergers and acquisitions. Before joining Maple Leaf, Ed worked for Flemings, BZW, Credit Suisse First Boston, ABN Amro Rothschild and CITIC CLSA.

Ed graduated from Oxford University with a First in Modern Languages and Philosophy.

The Maple Leaf Board and Senior Management Team are pleased to announce these appointments and to encourage all Mapleleafers to also warmly welcome these talented persons as leaders in their respective positions.

12 Special Event Highlights - 2015

March 18

Yinghua Foreign Language School joins the Maple Leaf family of schools; a press conference is held entitled “Maple Leaf International School Settles in Jingzhou”

April 15

Main building roof completion ceremony press conference for Maple Leaf International School – Yiwu, in Zhejiang province. Yiwu elementary, middle and high schools open in September

May 3

Dr. Sherman Jen delivers a speech at the Harvard China Education Symposium Conference

May 27

Book launching ceremony for the English version of Maple Leaf Educational Philosophy and Practice Volume 3 published by Peking University Press and for The Maple Leaf Story: 20 Years of Blending East and West in Education

May 28

Opening ceremony for the Sherman Jen Library in Maple Leaf Educational Park – Dalian

May 28

20th Anniversary Celebrations of Maple Leaf International Schools were held

June 6

Graduation ceremonies for the 17th cohort of Maple Leaf high school graduates were held in Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing and Zhenjiang

November 21

Maple Leaf’s 11th University Student Recruitment Fair commences in Dalian with 71 western universities participating and then moved on to Maple Leaf high schools in Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Henan, Zhenjiang and Shanghai

November 20

Maple Leaf Educational Systems signs agreements with 9 universities (including Central China Normal University, Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language University, Jilin University and Wuhan University) for selecting and training Maple Leaf school administrators. Maple Leaf Educational Systems also signs agreements for future Math and Science teacher training with Thompson Rivers University and Lakehead University in Canada

December 11

Maple Leaf co-sponsors the China National 2015 Maple Leaf Cup Composition Contest – My International Teacher and Me, and an international teacher photography competition and exhibition, China Through the Eyes of International Teachers at a large press conference in Beijing

December 21

At the 11th China Educational Achievements Awarding Ceremony and Educational Development Summit Forum, Dr. Sherman Jen was granted a 2015 China’s Figure of Educational Reform and Innovation Award, and Maple Leaf Educational Systems was awarded the China Epitome of Innovative Education Honour

December 27

Ground breaking ceremony for Maple Leaf International School – Weifang, a joint venture between Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Beijing Shuofengrui Group, was held at Beijing Gongguan Community, Weicheng District, Weifang City in Shandong Province.

Becoming an International Teacher? It’s No Longer Just a Dream!

In its 20-year history, Maple Leaf has graduated nearly 10,000 grade 12 students who have been admitted into more than 500 universities and colleges in 26 countries. Maple Leaf alumni have successfully entered many different occupations and careers. Maple Leaf has now opened a new opportunity! This Future Math and Science Teacher Program opens the door to a guaranteed international teacher position in a Maple Leaf High School as BC-certified Math or Science teacher!

Dawn Sutherland Appointed as President of
Maple Leaf Education North America


Maple Leaf is pleased to announce the appointment Dawn Sutherland as President of the newly formed company, Maple Leaf Education North America Ltd. commencing January 1, 2016. She will be responsible for Maple Leaf’s North American region’s business operations and overall management.   

Dawn brings to this position many years of North American and international post-secondary experience, as well as her marketing, ESL teacher recruitment, strategic planning and business development experience with China Maple Leaf Educational Systems.

Maple Leaf Education North America, Ltd. will operate out of an enlarged office area located at Suite 1210 – 1130 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC,  V6E 4A4  (604.428.8511).

71 Western Universities Attend 2015 Student Recruitment Fairs

Seventy-one western universities and colleges attended Maple Leaf’s November 2015 Student Recruitment Fairs. The purpose of the Recruitment Fairs, at the seven Maple Leaf high schools with grade 12 students, is that universities can recruit this year’s graduating grade 12 students and that students and parents can become more familiar with western universities and colleges and their programs.

This year’s events began with a large welcoming banquet dinner on Friday evening, November 20, in Dalian. A press conference was held with four universities, Maple Leaf leaders and several students attending, as well as media representatives from nine TV, radio and newspaper firms.

The Recruitment Fairs included 50 universities or colleges from Canada, 14 from the United States, and 7 from the UK, Switzerland, Japan and Denmark.

Recruitment Fairs began on Saturday, November 21, 2015, in Dalian and then moved to Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Luoyang, Zhenjiang and concluded in Shanghai on Monday, November 30.

Maple Leaf High Schools’ large gymnasiums are utilized to provide individual booths for each university. Students with their parents visit the booths that they are interested in to receive information, answers to questions, as well as conditional letters of acceptance and letters of acceptance.

Maple Leaf high schools will be graduating almost 1,500 students in June of this school year. As to date, Maple Leaf has graduated nearly 10,000 students with a BC grade 12 (Dogwood) diploma and they have or are attending more than 500 universities or colleges in more than 25 countries around the world.

These annual Maple Leaf University/College Student Recruitment Fair days are very meaningful for all involved: students, parents, universities and Maple Leaf Schools.

Maple Leaf Signs Future Teacher Training Agreements with Two Universities

On November 12, 2015 in Thunder Bay, Ontario and on November 20, 2015 in Dalian, China, Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder and Chair of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, signed Agreements with Lakehead University President, Dr. Brian Stevenson, and with Thompson Rivers University President, Dr. Alan Shaver.

These two Agreements arise from longstanding positive working relationships between Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) and Lakehead University (LU) and Thompson Rivers (TRU). These new Agreements provide for MLES to select 40 graduating grade 12 students who have ability and interest to become future Maple Leaf Math or Science teachers and to send 20 of them to LU and 20 to TRU each year. LU and TRU will accept these students (providing they meet the admission requirements) into their Bachelor of Science programs.

If the students meet the standards required, they will be granted pre-approved admission to LU and TRU’s teacher education programs and graduate with a Bachelor of Education degree with majors or minors in Mathematics or in one of more of the Sciences. Once the students graduate with a Bachelor of Education degree, including successful practicum, and are granted provincial certification in Canada, Maple Leaf will guarantee them employment as a Math or Science teacher in one of its high schools in China. These Canadian certified teachers will receive the same compensation package as any Canadian certified teacher receives who is teaching in a Maple Leaf School in China.

This Agreement opens the door to a win-win-win opportunity. This is a win for the student as he/she is guaranteed an immediate teaching position with an attractive compensation package in China directly after university graduation. It is a win for the universities as Maple Leaf will select these students based on the highest scoring applicants according to its published criteria. And it is a win for MLES as this program will assist with its challenge to hire sufficient numbers of Canadian certified teachers each year, especially Math and Science teachers. This program will prove to be a significant help when considering Maple Leaf’s projected growth in the next years.

Recognition Ceremony Held for Maple Leaf Alumni Scholarship Recipients at Langara College

The following News Release was issued by Langara College on November 10, 2015:

Vancouver, BC – Ten students from Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) in China, who began studies at Langara this term, were recognized today for receiving awards established through a $50,000 scholarship fund set up by the College in collaboration with the Government of British Columbia.

Students were chosen for the scholarship based upon their academic performance and commitment to volunteer activities during their time at MLES, a group of BC Offshore Schools with more than 15,000 students that opened its doors 20 years ago as the first Canadian offshore foundational education school (K – 12) in China.

The scholarships were created as part of a provincial mission to China in April this year by BC’s Ministries of Advanced Education and International Trade, with a goal of highlighting the BC education sector and pathways within the system that support student mobility. Langara’s President and CEO Dr. Lane Trotter joined the mission and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MLES Founder and Chairman Dr. Sherman Jen that streamlines how Maple Leaf graduates can seamlessly be admitted into university studies at Langara upon completion of their BC Grade 12 curriculum.

“We’re very excited to welcome these high quality students to Langara, and to be able to offer them this scholarship in support of their educational development,” said Ajay Patel, the College’s Associate Vice President of International and External Development. “We’ve welcomed several hundred students from the Maple Leaf system to Langara over the past few years, who have made valuable and lasting connections with our institution, as well as our beautiful province.”

Congratulations and best wishes to these Maple Leaf alumni! Dr. Sherman Jen challenged them in his speech, stating: “Your parents and Maple Leaf Schools have invested allot in you in the past. Langara College and the British Columbia government have also invested in you by the scholarships given to you. Demonstrate your appreciation by studying hard, participating whole-heartedly and winning the respect of your instructors and peers. Your parents, Maple Leaf, Langara and BC’s Ministry of Advanced Education have all honoured you -- it is now your opportunity to honour them, and the trust they placed in you, by your excellent performance. I wish you all the very best.”

Commemoration Service Held at Maple Leaf Educational Park – Tianjin

Maple Leaf International School– Tianjin Teda was impacted by the August 12, 2015 Tianjin port explosion. Immediately after this disaster, the school launched into safety and then repair operations. Despite this tragedy, the school still opened on August 31, as previously scheduled. This was the result of three weeks of intense hard work. On October 28, 2015 Maple Leaf Educational Systems held a Grand Heroes Commendation Ceremony in the Tianjin Educational Park to recognize and thank some faculty members, students and students’ parents for their heroic deeds.

During the ceremony, Maple Leaf Systems awarded the title of Maple Leaf Outstanding Principal to the school Headmaster Long Yongxiang and BC Principal Ryan Waurynchuk. A Maple Leaf Hero Award was given to Derek Patenaude and a Maple Leaf Professional Spirit Award was awarded to Richard Lam. Twenty-one faculty members received the Maple Leaf Role Model Award, as well as 21 students and students’ parents. A statement of Commendation was also given to Deng Xiaochen and 13 additional faculty members.

Canada’s British Columbia Ministry of Education also issued a special Dedicated Service Award to Maple Leaf International School – Tianjin TEDA’s administration and BC faculty. The Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, James Beeke presented the award on behalf of BC’s Ministry of Education, to the Chinese and BC Principals and to representatives of the BC faculty, who were first responders after the explosion.

Derek Patenaude, spoke as representative of the teachers. He participated in and witnessed heroic deeds immediately after the disaster. He spoke of teachers and others who placed the priority of students’ safety first over their own personal concerns. Following these events, with everyone’s hard work the school overcame this tragedy and resumed classes on time in a safe work and study environment.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems Forms Strategic Partnership with China Merchants Bank

On August 14, 2015, Maple Leaf Educational Systems and China Merchants Bank signed an MOU entitled 2015 Strategic Partnership Agreement. Maple Leaf Founder & Chairman, Dr. Sherman Jen, Maple Leaf Vice President Liu Zhixiong, Vice President of China Merchants Bank (CMB), Liu Jianjun, and President of CMB’s Dalian Branch, Qian Xi, with others, attended the signing ceremony. Reporters from the Dalian Daily, Dalian Evening and New Business were present.

Qian Xi complimented Sherman Jen’s leadership as an entrepreneur, the founder and leader of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, an educational innovator and one who has made significant contributions to society, to promoting China’s education, and to developing international talents. China Merchants Bank, as a pioneer in Chinese banking innovation with considerable banking influence, expressed the desire that Maple Leaf Educational Systems and CMB would now enhance their cooperation, exchange of ideas and sharing of opportunities.

Vice President of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, Liu Zhixiong, and Vice President of CMB Dalian Branch, Wei Qiang, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective parties. The signing of this 2015 Strategic Partnership Agreement will promote strong cooperation between the two organizations. One immediate benefit is that Maple Leaf students will have the option to readily access quality financial services for their future educational needs abroad.

Maple Leaf Opens New Schools

On August 31, 2015 Maple Leaf successfully opened a new elementary, middle and BC Program high school in Yiwu.

The Consul General of Canada from Shanghai attended the opening ceremony with several staff members, as did the Mayor, Head of the Education Bureau, and other officials from the government of Yiwu.

Additional Maple Leaf elementary and middle schools were opened as well this Fall. This raises the total number of Maple Leaf Schools to 46 this September (2015) in 11 cities in China.

In addition to the newly opened schools, Maple Leaf’s remodelling of the Boys’ Campus - Dalian and the Sherman Jen Library on the Girls’ Campus - Dalian have been completed and both are now open for instructional use.

Maple Leaf Student Enrolment Surpasses 17,770 and Staff Exceeds 2,500

Maple Leaf opened its doors in August 31, 2015 to 17,770 students in 46 schools in 11 cities across China. 7,077 of these students are enrolled as BC, Canada students studying BC curriculum courses, taught by BC-certified teachers in English, and inspected and certified by the BC Ministry of Education.

Maple Leaf currently employs more than 2,500 staff members, including 1,400 Chinese teachers and 315 BC-certified and 120 international ESL teachers.

Tianjin Maple Leaf Schools

Maple Leaf Schools in Tianjin have opened on schedule. After the huge explosion in the Tianjin TEDA area, a tremendous clean-up and repair work effort has been completed at our Maple Leaf International Schools - Tianjin TEDA. The building and site are now safe to open. Maple Leaf Chinese and Canadian teams are both to be complimented for their dedication and hard work. Governments and schools have been working together well in the area.

For more details regarding building and site safety click here

AdvancED Accreditation

In addition to certification by British Columbia’s Ministry of Education, all Maple Leaf high schools commenced application for AdvancED accreditation in Spring 2015. Subsequent to on-site reviews, all Maple Leaf high schools have been granted Candidate Status.

Maple Leaf International Schools - Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhenjiang, Henan-Luoyang and Shanghai are now candidates for accreditation with the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, which is an accreditation division of AdvancED.

AdvancED is the largest school accrediting body in the world. It accredits more than 35,000 schools in more than 75 countries. AdvancED accreditation is well-recognized in the USA and around the world.

Maple Leaf is pursuing AdvancED accreditation in addition to BC certification in order to expand its US and global recognition, but also because the accreditation model is different from and complementary to BC’s. BC certification is an external, audit-type model that thoroughly checks a complete list of requirements in order to meet government standards to be granted BC certification. AdvancED is an internal, self assessment model using standard rubrics to encourage school improvement and on-going growth plans. While an external review is part of the process to attain AdvancED accreditation, the primary focus is on enhancement of educational excellence.

All Maple Leaf high schools will be working toward full AdvancED accreditation this school year.

Maple Leaf International Schools Class of 2015

On June 6, 2015 more than 1300 students took part in graduation ceremonies at Maple Leaf International Schools in Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin and Chongqing and Zhenjiang.

Our graduates leave Maple Leaf ready for the challenges of university and college studies with strong academic preparation, a strong cultural understanding and an awareness of the value of blending academic and cultural perspectives. They leave as members of the Maple Leaf Global Alumni Association – members of a network of “Mapleleafers” connected worldwide.

As they leave Maple Leaf they are reminded by Dr. Jen to always remember their parents and the support they have provided, their country, and the strong roots it gives them, and their school, and the friendships and memories that they take with them.

Congratulations, graduates of the Maple Leaf International Schools Class of 2015!

Maple Leaf News Release Regarding the Explosion in Tianjin - August 14, 2015

On August 12, 2015, a large explosion occurred at the Tianjin Dongjiang Rui Hai International Logistics Company. Maple Leaf International School – Tianjin TEDA is located approximately 5 kilometres away. The force of the explosion blew out windows and damaged the school building and nearby apartments. While some glass injuries occurred, thankfully no Maple Leaf students, staff or faculty were seriously harmed, and the building suffered no structural damage.

The explosion did, however, cause loss of life for others closer to the explosion site, and many in the area are hospitalized. We extend our condolences to the many people in Tianjin who have lost loved ones, who have been injured, or who have suffered losses in this tragedy.

Maple Leaf’s priority is the safety and well-being of our students and staff.

We are pleased to see that the authorities, including the Canadian Embassy, the Chinese Foreign Experts Bureau, and local government officials have followed up to ensure that staff and students are safe.

A State Council work group led by Minister of Public Security, Guo Shengkun, is on-site to direct rescue, emergency and safety efforts. The city has set up 17 monitoring stations for air, and another five for water. Three sewage outlets to the sea have been closed, said Wen Wurui, head of the city’s Environmental Protection Bureau, at the press conference. Maple Leaf continues to monitor all government reports.

The Maple Leaf team is working hard to ensure that the school is safely opened as soon as is reasonably possible. The School is currently cleaning up the damage and companies have been engaged to complete the necessary repairs. At this time it is anticipated that Maple Leaf International School – Tianjin TEDA may open on time, either fully on-site or temporarily using some classrooms at another Maple Leaf Elementary-Middle School recently opened in another area of Tianjin.

The School Principal has been in regular contact with the Canadian teachers, many of whom are still in Canada on summer holidays, to keep everyone informed.

Dinner Meeting with BC Minister of Education and Delegation

The British Columbia Canada Minister of Education, the Honorable Peter Fassbender, hosted a dinner meeting in Beijing for Maple Leaf and Sherman Jen on Saturday evening, May 30, 2015. The purpose of this event was to provide an opportunity for the Minister to personally congratulate Dr. Jen on the success of Maple Leaf’s development in the last twenty years, to commemorate the meaningful relationship that British Columbia has enjoined with Maple Leaf for so many years, and to communicate the commitment of the government of British Columbia to its continued positive cooperation with Maple Leaf.

In attendance were BC’s Minister of Education, Deputy Minister of Education, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education, BC Premier’s Special Representative in Asia, Chief of Staff from the Minister’s Office, officials from BC’s International Education and International Trade/Investment Offices, and a Director from BC’s Council for International Education. Representing Maple Leaf were Dr. Sherman Jen and James Beeke.

The Minister of Education presented Sherman Jen with a commemorative plague and congratulatory letter. Maple Leaf was delighted and honoured by the meaningfulness of this meeting and opportunity for communication with BC’s Ministry of Education and government.

Maple Leaf Celebrates its Twenty Year Anniversary

Maple Leaf Educational Systems and its schools celebrated their twenty year anniversary during the week of May 25-30. Canada’s Ambassador to China, Guy Saint-Jacques, was present for, and gave a speech at the main anniversary celebration and dedication of the new Sherman Jen Library.

Events throughout the week included:

  • Flag-raising ceremonies
  • Dalian “Maple Leaf Cup” English Speech Contest
  • Dalian “Maple Leaf Cup” Chinese Speech Contest
  • Book Launching Ceremony
  • Education Forum
  • Opening/dedication ceremony for the Sherman Jen Library
  • Anniversary Celebration Ceremony
  • Anniversary Gala Performances
  • Alumni Meet & Greet
  • Student Sports Competition
  • Staff Sports Day

Two English books were released during the Book Launching Ceremony:

1. The Maple Leaf Story: 20 Years of Blending East and West in Education
2. Maple Leaf Educational Philosophy and Practice

The first hard cover book tells Maple Leaf’s history with numerous colour photos. The second provides a summary of Maple Leaf’s philosophy and approach, largely gleaned from Dr. Sherman Jen’s speeches and working reports.

Maple Leaf’s Inter-School Sports Tournaments

Maple Leaf Schools initiated and participated in ten inter-school sports competitions this school year in five sports: basketball, badminton, soccer, volleyball and ultimate frisbee. We wish to thank Paul Neufeld, Maple Leaf Systems Athletics Coordinator, and all the school coordinators and coaches for their contributions to the meaningful expansion of athletic tournaments for Maple Leaf students.

Maple Leaf Students English 12 Provincial Exam Results

All Maple Leaf high schools experienced increases in their average student scores on BC’s May/June English 12 provincial examination — some with significant gains! The Maple Leaf high schools’ average scores were up an average of 12 percentage points over last year’s May/June exam scores. Congratulations to our students, teachers and leadership teams!

BC Ministry of Advanced Education Scholarship Funding
and Maple Leaf - Langara MOU & Scholarships

Chongqing, China — In celebration of Maple Leaf Educational Systems 20th Anniversary, on April 4, 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder and Chairman, and Langara President Dr. Lane Trotter, following a scholarship program announcement in support of Maple Leaf students.

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines how upon completion of the BC Grade 12 curriculum at Maple Leaf, graduates can readily enter into university studies at Langara College. BC Advanced Education Minister, the Honourable Andrew Wilkinson, witnessed the signing where he announced a $50,000 scholarship program to support Maple Leaf graduates wanting to pursue their post-secondary education via educational pathways at Langara College. The scholarships are jointly funded by the BC Government and Langara College; Maple Leaf graduates will receive ten $5,000 scholarships.

“We are excited about our formal partnership with Langara College and the unprecedented scholarship award,” said Dr. Jen. “Each year large numbers of MLES graduates choose British Columbia, and specifically Langara College, for their post-secondary studies. MLES is proud to accept this scholarship on behalf of our very worthy students, and we know that it will help to support their future success and lifelong connections.”

The event was part of British Columbia’s Ministries of International Trade and Advanced Education trade mission to China – highlighting the BC education sector and supporting student mobility. The signing and scholarship announcement are in recognition of Maple Leaf’s 20th Anniversary, where Maple Leaf will see more celebrations at the Dalian campus, and throughout all campuses, in May.

All 9 Maple Leaf Schools Inspected by BC Ministry of Education
Earn Very Positive Reports!

Maple Leaf International School: Henan-Luoyang and Maple Leaf International School – Shanghai both received complimentary reports from their British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Education on-site Inspection Reports this past week (March 16-20, 2015).

This concludes all nine Maple Leaf Schools on-site inspections by the BC Ministry of Education for the 2014-15 school year. All schools received complimentary reports with not one requirement in any report for which a School needed to report back to the Ministry. Anyone wishing to read any or all of these reports may do so, as they are posted on the BC Ministry of Education website.

Congratulations to all of our School teams (administrators, teachers, and staff) for such excellent results!

Actual Student Enrollment

As of March 5, 2015, MLES has 15,700 students at its campuses; an increase of 1,014 students during winter break.

Acquisition of Jingzhou Yinghua Foreign Languages School

After thorough analysis and market research, on February 28, 2015, MLES signed a MOU to acquire Jingzhou Yinghua Foreign Languages School; the official agreement will be finalized and signed in March.

Jingzhou Yinghua Foreign Languages School is well-established and has been operating for 17 years; located in a rural area of Jingzhou City in Hubei Province. The campus contains 30,000 square meters of buildings on 100 hectares of land.

The private school currently offers grades 1 – 12 with a student population of 1,090. When implementing our program, we anticipate losing some of the current student population due to the increased tuition of MLES, but remain confident that Maple Leaf will make up the difference through our marketing and recruitment efforts. The existing school has the capacity for 1,500 – 1,800 students.

Maple Leaf’s strategy is to phase-out the Jingzhou school’s current high school and continue with grades 1 – 9 only. Once the students graduate from grade 9, they will transition to MLIS Wuhan High School for the dual diploma program. Wuhan is located 200 kilometers from Jingzhou City.

Daheishi Campus Sold

When MLES established the Dalian Maple Leaf Educational Park located in the Jinshitan area, the original junior high school located in Daheishi relocated to Jinshitan. The Daheishi Campus has now sold and shows unaudited pre-tax profit of approximately 25 Million RMB. The property sale is a separate additional profit from that of the operating account and will be included on the February 28 Financial Report.

Maple Leaf Founder’s Comments
IPO in Hong Kong Underpins Maple Leaf Education’s Long-Term Prospects

Dr. Sherman Jen, MLES Chairman’s Reply to Journalists in HK

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) issued its initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Maple Leaf Education on November 28, 2014, and became the first mainland China-based foundational education company to be listed.

The success of the Maple Leaf Education IPO has drawn media attention. The founder and chairman of MLES, Dr. Sherman Jen, recently provided his response to journalists on the significance of the IPO and responded to the question ’Why would Maple Leaf Education list on the stock market.’

Dr. Sherman Jen responded, “First, I think a public listing is a superior method of operation for an enterprise or institution in its development. Being listed requires an entity to be more standardized in its operations and enables healthy and sustained development. A listed company is overseen by the public, its stockholders, and its managerial team is held accountable to all.

Second, being listed may enhance the notoriety of a company and open up additional financial resources. Independent schools receive no state appropriation, so funding by the owners and revenue from tuition are the limits for development. The funds raised from the stock market boost the school’s development and enable Maple Leaf’s proven educational model to benefit more students.

Third, the motto of MLES is to build our educational system for China, for the world and for all ‘Mapleleafers’. Through an IPO, we will gradually extend our staff stock-holding program to form an interest community connecting individual staff members to the development of Maple Leaf, enabling MLES to grow larger and stronger, realizing our prospects of creating an educational system that will thrive long into the future.”

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Maple Leaf Education on November 28, 2014, under stock code 01317.HK. Maple Leaf Education is the first mainland China-based foundational education company to be listed on the Hong Kong stock market.

Maple Leaf Education’s principal investors are: International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), the Rothschild Family of Europe and New China Wealth & Asset Management Inc. The listing is a milestone in the 20-year history of MLES and is a result of continued support from government, local authorities and industry; and from the people at Maple Leaf through their dedication and hard work under the leadership of MLES founder and chairman, Dr. Sherman Jen.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems will continue to carry out its philosophy of blending the best of Chinese and western education models and will remain focused on delivering quality programs and providing first class educational services to its students.

Sherman Jen received the 2014 Chinese Government “Friendship Award”

On September 29th, Dr. Sherman Jen was conferred with the 2014 Chinese Government’s Friendship Award by Vice Premier MA Kai. Following the ceremony, Dr. Jen was interviewed by Chinese Premier LI Keqiang at the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing, and invited to attend the 65th anniversary banquet of the People’s Republic of China.

The Chinese Government’s Friendship Award is the top ranking award for foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China’s modernization. One hundred foreign experts were selected from the 10,000 foreigners who live and work in Chinato receive the award this year. Dr. Sherman Jen, Maple Leaf Founder & Chairman, is the only Friendship Award winnerwho received the award for promoting foundational (K-12) education in China.

In its 20 year history, as a pioneer in China’s foundational education reform, Maple Leaf has made outstanding contributions toward the development of international and innovative talents, and it has significantly promoted educational cooperation and exchange between China and Canada.

As the first person to introduce a western country’s high school educational system into China’s foundational education, Dr. Sherman Jen founded Maple Leaf International School in 1995. He combined the high school academic curriculum of British Columbia, Canada with that of China’ high school program. The school offers Chinese-English bilingual teaching and a dual diploma system, an educational model described as “three combinations, two accreditations and one alignment”. Under Dr. Sherman Jen’s leadership, Maple Leaf Educational Systems created the “four firsts” in Chinese foundational education – the first international school registered with the Chinese Ministry of Education, the first offshore school program accredited by British Columbia, Canada, the first bilingual and dual diploma high school, and the first Chinese international high school completely aligned with overseas higher education.

Currently, Maple Leaf Educational Systems is operating 39 campuses at 9 locations in Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhenjiang, Luoyang, Ordos, Shanghai and Pingdingshan; Maple Leaf’s current student enrolment is over 15,000 and it employs more than 2,700 staff (including more than 400 international teachers). Maple Leaf is the largest Chinese-foreign joint venture school in China. Maple Leaf has graduated over 8,500 high school students, who have been enrolled into more than 390 colleges and universities in 24 countries around the globe. Nearly 50% of all Maple Leaf graduates have entered into several of the world’s top 100 universities, and some graduates were admitted into the world’s top 10 including Harvard, Cambridge, and Stanford Universities, as well as the University of Chicago and University College London. Every year Maple Leaf high school graduates are offered scholarships, which total approximately one million US dollars.

Dr. Sherman Jen also promotes public welfare. For 17 consecutive years he has sponsored the Maple Leaf Cup English Speech Contest, and over the years he has givendonations to: disaster-affected areas, the Youth League, “Aid-the-Poor-with-Technology” program, and several students in need, altogether amounting to over RMB120 million. This year, he donated RMB100 million for the establishment of the Dalian Maple Leaf Sherman Jen Library.

His contributions to society have drawn a wide range of attention. The media has released many reports on Dr. Jen including the Guangming Daily, Weekend Pictorial, International Talent Exchange, Forbes,, and, to name a few.In 2001, Dr. Jen was granted the title of “Honorary Citizen of Dalian”, in 2005, he won the Chinese State Council’s first Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Prize and the Liaoning Friendship Award granted by Liaoning Provincial Government. In 2013, he received the Governor General of Canada Medallion for his contributions to international education.

This year, Dr. Sherman Jen received the Chinese Government’s Friendship Award, and he was encouraged by his interview with Premier LI Keqiang. The Premier’s speech was inspiring; indicating that China will encourage more foreign experts to work and settle in China and provide them with more improved and supportive policies. These announcements encouraged Dr. Sherman Jen and reinforced his confidence regarding the advancement of his future work and career. According to Dr. Sherman Jen, this award really means recognition and appreciation for more thanhim; it credits the entire Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Dr. Jen will continue his efforts to promote development and exchange between Chinese and western education, and to provide first class educational services to produce more gifted young people to serve the revitalization of the Chinese nation and as global citizens. Dr. Sherman Jen said, “It is not easy to push even one commitment to a perfect extent throughout one’s lifetime, so I want to stay focused solely on Maple Leaf’s foundational education”.

Sherman Jen receives Governor General’s Medallion

On October 18th Mr. Sherman Jen attended the Friends of Canada Reception hosted by the Ambassador of Canada, Mr. Guy Saint-Jacques, on the occasion of the State Visit to the People’s Republic of China of Their Excellencies the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, and Mrs. Sharon Johnston.

At a ceremony during the reception Mr. Jen received the Governor General’s Medallion for his contributions to international education. In the accompanying letter the Governor General wrote, “Maple Leaf Educational Systems, supported by the Province of British Columbia, has created a unique learning environment for its students and opened the channels of opportunity for Chinese youth to continue their studies in Canada. I am grateful for your commitment to what I like to call the “diplomacy of knowledge.”

This recognition from the highest level of Canadian government is especially rewarding coming during the 18th year of the establishment of Maple Leaf Educational Systems.

The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada with Mr. Sherman Jen, President, Maple Leaf Educational Systems

The Honourable Guy Saint-Jacques, Ambassador of Canada in the Peoples’ Republic of China with Mr. Sherman Jen, President, Maple Leaf Educational Systems

Lakehead University becomes the first university delegation
to visit MLIS-Shanghai

On October 8th on the heals of Typhoon Fitow and on only the second day of full occupation of the newest MLES school, a senior delegation from Lakehead University became the first university visitors to Maple Leaf International School – Shanghai. The delegation from the university included Rod Hanley, Provost, Kathy Pozihun, Vice-President Finance and Administration, Gillian Sidall, Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ulf Runesson, Dean of Natural Resources Management and Jason Chen, China Program Officer. During the visit Dr. Hanley announced a special scholarship, to be exclusively awarded to a graduate from MLIS-Shanghai. This was very welcome news to the group of 100 students, currently in Grade 10, who will be the first graduates of MLIS-Shanghai in the graduation class of 2016.

The following day the Lakehead University delegation was joined further by Andy Dean, Dean of Science and Environmental Studies, Lori Livingston, Dean Health and Behavioral Sciences, Bahram Dadgostar, Dean of Business Administration, Kim Fedderson, Dean of the Orillia Campus and Tony Williams, Vice-Provost International for a visit to Maple Leaf International School – Dalian.

Over the course of two days the LU team visited the newest and the original Maple Leaf International Schools and during discussion with MLES senior managers discussed a variety of opportunities for further developing the joint relationship to the benefit of students and teachers at both institutions.

Maple Leaf International School – Shanghai Official Opening

On September 2, 2013 Mr. Sherman Jen, Founder and CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) and distinguished guests, parents and students celebrated the opening of the newest Maple Leaf international school in China. The Maple Leaf International School - Shanghai is the 7th Maple Leaf high school, approved to deliver the BC curriculum. This school expands the Maple Leaf Educational Systems presence throughout China, adding Shanghai to the locations of our existing schools in Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhenjiang, Luoyang and Ordos.

On this special occasion MLES celebrated with guest representing Canada, British Columbia, Shanghai, Jinshan District and Fengjing Town. At the formal opening ceremony after performances by the Chinese and Canadian staff and a reading by students, the Headmistress Ms. Zhang Yanrong and the BC Principal Mr. George Biggs welcomed all guests and introduced the distinguished guests. Speeches commemorating this special event where given by Mr. Sherman Jen, MLES Founder and President, Mr. Rick Savone, Consul General of the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai and Mr. Yang Jianrong, Secretary, Jinshan District CCP Committee.

Sherman Jen receives Honorary Doctorate of Laws
from Royal Roads University

On June 19, 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Mr. Sherman Jen was honoured by Royal Roads University with the conferring of an Honourary Doctorate of Laws.

Mr. Jen is the founder and president of Maple Leaf Educational Systems and the Maple Leaf International Schools now located in eight cities throughout China. He has long been recognized in China as an educational leader in the field of private international education and as a visionary leader who introduced the first Canadian high school curriculum into his school in China through a certification agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Province of British Columbia.

It was the experience his young daughters had in their schools in Vancouver, Canada, where Mr. Jen and his family arrived as new immigrants in 1993, that first inspired him to take this model of education back to China to benefit children there.

As Mr. Jen explains, “My daughters’ learning was so profound and so different from everything I knew of education in China at that time. On the surface it looked very simple, and yet it was clear that they were being challenged to engage in their learning, to question and express their own opinions, to be very actively involved. I believed that this style of educating children was very important in preparing them for the future and I realized that children in China needed the opportunity to experience this style of learning. It became my goal to introduce this model of education to China.”

Since its establishment in 1995 and the first graduation class in 1999 many thousands of students have graduated from Maple Leaf International Schools and gone on to very successful post secondary studies at the leading universities and colleges in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Many MLES graduates have continued to complete graduate degrees at the world’s most prestigious universities including MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, McGill and others - their Maple Leaf educational foundations have taken them far.

In his convocation address Mr. Jen expressed his special gratitude to be receiving this honour from Royal Roads University. He recognized RRU as an institution that has built its reputation on innovative and creative educational practices. It has faced challenges along the way, and yet stands today as a solid model of quality and progressive education.

Mr. Jen said, “I feel a great connection to Royal Roads University through what I think is a shared approach to education, to business, to risk, to innovation, and to constantly looking for new approaches, all to benefit individual students and to create connections between all peoples.”

You can view Mr. Jen’s convocation address in its entirety here.

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