Maple Leaf International Schools Accreditation

Maple Leaf International Schools offer curriculum and credentials approved by the provincial government educational authorities in both China and Canada. In China our elementary and middle schools offer the Chinese curriculum accredited by the province in which the school is located. At the high school level both the local Chinese provincial Bureau of Education and the Ministry of Education of the Province of British Columbia, Canada accredit or certify our programs.

Chinese Accreditations Held

Dalian: Department of Education, Liaoning Province
Wuhan: Department of Education, Hubei Province
Tianjin: Education Commission, Tianjin City
Chongqing: Education Commission, Chongqing City
Zhenjiang: Department of Education, Jiangsu Province
Luoyang: Department of Education, Henan Province
Ordos: Department of Education, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Shanghai: Education Commission, Shanghai City
Tianjin Huayuan: Education Commission, Tianjin Binhai New District
Jingzhou: Education Commission, Gong’an County
Pingdingshan: Education Commission, Pingding Shan City
Yiwu: Education Commission, Yiwu City

British Columbia Certification Held

Our external certification by the BC Ministry of Education is a key characteristic of a Maple Leaf education. It guarantees an international standard and external monitoring of our results. It also provides us with a world class curriculum and requires that all BC courses are taught by teachers holding the BC Teaching Certificate.

The BC Ministry of Education certification includes detailed annual inspections of our schools, with special emphasis on our quality of instruction, student achievements and student records management. More information about BC offshore program accreditation is available here.

Our students receive diplomas from the Chinese Education Authority and the BC Ministry of Education upon graduation.

This external accreditation provides the universities and colleges accepting our students with an assurance of the validity of the students’ graduation results and leads to quicker admission processes.

AdvancED Accreditation

During the 2015-2016 school year, all 7 of our high schools that offer grades 10-12 also underwent an external accreditation process with AdvancEd, the world’s largest school accrediting organization. The schools, their staff, students and parents were all engaged in an internal self assessment against a set of rubrics that represent best practice in the field of education, instruction and school organization. The resulting accreditation was successful in all of the schools, and this sets the journey for a five-year growth plan to continue to enhance the strong practices in the schools as well as focus on the areas that will allow the schools to thrive going forward.